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Lately ely blog walking one of my classmate blog tengok dia sedih sebab certain problems jadikan dia clash dengan boyfriend dia. Ely dapat rasakan kesedihan yang dia rasa tu sebab ely juga pernah mengalaminya. And now, bila all the thing are reveal ely need to be an extra ordinary person. Yes, he is still the same person and tak pernah berubah pun daripada apa yang ely jangka. Thanks Allah swt give ely that particular picture and person to let me know the truth. Even though kebenaran itu memahitkan kita harus tetap terima seadanya. Trust ely, ely bukan lagi ely yang menggila seperti dulu. Ely redha with apa yang terjadi. You are the greatest person who can make me trust on you again even you had made a lots of mistake in your old days. And to she, i know it was hard to you to face it. But, have you ever imagine to be on my shoes and how hard i need to face it alone. Minta maaf sebab ely sangat perlukan kejujuran dalam hidup ely. But he failed to give me that thing again and again. And meet my best soulmate yang tak pernah gagal untuk menjadi tempat ely mengeluh tentang kisah hidup ely since 11 May 2008. Cik Oppa. Okay till then sayonara.

This is him.

Me and Incik Oppa

note : need a shoulder to cry again and again since it have lost again.

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