A final countdown.


Ha front size dah guna yang largest kott. Yes, ely adalah pelajar tahun akhir in Diploma In Information Management, UiTM Segamat, Johor. heheh fully typing dengan penuh rasa bangga dan bongkak. *padahal final exam baru nak start kott*  Anyway, even degree students dah start masuk memenuhi campus but, it wont bother ely anymore. Wish me to have more luck in my final year people! A busy year for ely as an ordinary student. Dinner, Assignment, Dating, *oppss* and etc. Okay till then gtg. 

Ex Roommate Part 1 Nilam 125 , Syahira plus Si Fattest? ely. :I

note : feel lucky when you by my side at any moment. Thanks Encik 'Kuatmakanpedas'

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